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Meaning of name:         Rukiga name for ‘helpful’. He is.

Age:                            Born in 2001. At eight years, this sub-adult is soon about to take on blackback status.

Who’s yo daddy?           Ruhondeza.

Who’s yo mama?           Mother unknown

With no distinguishing physical characteristic of note, he definitely lives up to his name; helpful. From since he was a mere juvenile, Muyambi was noted to be very helpful with the infants. The adult females could always count on him to keep the infants occupied during play time and he was always at hand to help a tired mother by carrying her baby.

Like his companions, he is a friendly, playful chap; inquisitive and curious towards visitors.

He currently looks up to big brother Kanyonyi, but how long will this happy state of affairs last? With few females left in the group, what’s the possibility that the brothers will stay together when they both become silverbacks? Will they resort to raiding other groups for females to grow their family?

Who will end up as the dominant silverback, Kanyonyi or Muyambi? Will Malaika be true to both of them or will each of the brothers break-up, each taking a female with them to start their own families?

Muyambi’s future may not seem as bright as his brother Kanyonyi, but just like in human families, one cannot tell. Now that he is your friend you can follow the fortunes of this young mountain gorilla.

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Friend a Gorilla.

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