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Meaning of name:         In Rukiga ‘Eshundwe’ means wart. Kashundwe has a distinguishing wart on her face.

Age:                            She is one of the older females, estimated to be about 30 years of age.

Who’s yo daddy?           Father unknown.

Who’s yo mama?          Mother unknown

By default, she is the number one mama in the group and has been known to take the lead when Ruhondeza’s languid ways get the better of him. It doesn’t last long though, for Ruhondeza’s known to thump his chest to let his family know who’s in charge and she has to fall in line and follow him.

It is suspected that she is Malaika’s mother.

This old gorilla has seen her fair share of sorrow. Who can tell which of her sons went for a walk with Ruhondeza and never came back? Recently she has suffered double tragedy with the death of the other Adult Female of the group – Kashongo and her baby in February 2009, and more recently with the death of her eight-month old infant in July 2009.

Your comfort by way of friendship is welcome. (Keep an eye on Kashundwe, for it is almost certain that she’ll soon be nursing a baby gorilla before 2010 is up. Ruhondeza may be heavy-eyed but he’s still got his groove on.)

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