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Meaning of name:         Rukiga name for little bird. He was named this by the trackers because he was first sighted as a new-born on a hill called Kanyonyi.

Age:                             Was born in 1998, which makes him currently eleven years.

Who’s yo daddy?           Undoubtedly Ruhondeza who has allowed no other mature male in the group to have breeding rights and privileges.

Who’s yo mama?           Mother unknown

Kanyonyi’s distinctive physical feature is his deep-set eyes. Even for a mountain gorilla, they stand out.

When you come a-visiting you’ll pick out this blackback by his playful ways. He’s the obvious heir to Ruhondeza’s throne but that fact is obviously not weighing heavily on his young playful shoulders. He is often to be found holding mock wrestling matches with Malaika and Muyambi.

Kanyonyi is also very curious and has been known to approach visitors and study them inquisitively; most probably wondering what type of hairless, gorilla variety they could be. This could be because he was born into a habituated gorilla family and has never viewed humans as a threat.

With only two years to go before his back begins to turn silver, and despite his bobance and bounce, Kanyonyi deeply respects Ruhondeza.

There is romance in the air between Kanyonyi and Malaika, it’s very likely that all the tumble and play could end up with a baby gorilla in the fold soon.

Kanyonyi’s future looks promising and he’s the kind of gorilla that’s a definite plus to your gorilla friends.

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