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Name:                          Tabu

Meaning of name:         Tabu means ‘trouble’ or ‘problem’ or problem in Kiswahili

Born:                            2008

Sex:                             Not yet established

Who’s yo daddy?            Safari

Who’s yo mama?            Kasotora

Sibling;                         The juvenile Ramutwe

Give a gorilla a bad name and hang him. Kasotora’s little baby has already developed quite a reputation at the crèche as a trouble maker.

Infant gorillas are very dependent on their mothers (just like human babies), but more so than human babies because an infant gorilla has only one source of food and that is mother’s milk. What’s more, like human babies, baby gorillas do not walk until they’re about nine months, so they rely on their mothers to carry them around. However, gorilla mums have been known to rest and feed near other nursing mothers to give their little ones opportunities to play with each other.

With the Nkuringo family having a number of infants, a playgroup of sorts is in operation, deep in the bowels of the jungle, and it is at this nursery that Tabu has shown himself to be a troublesome little beast. It is quite likely that your little friend is more lively and spirited than his fellow playmates and in the process ends up causing trouble even though he means no harm, so don’t give up on this friendship yet.

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Friend a Gorilla.

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