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Name:                          Ramutwe

Meaning of name:         ‘Ramutwe’ means big head

Age:                             6 years

Date of Birth:                21, September, 2003.

Sex:                             Male

Who’s yo daddy?            Safari

Who’s yo mama?           Kasotora

There’s something special about the 21st of September. For Kasotora it was the birth of her first baby – Ramutwe. (So, it’s not only Mama X-mas who has had the knack for memorable birthdays in this family.) He was named Ramutwe, not because he is stubborn, but as a babe his head was noted to be big. That situation has rectified itself with time and his head is not a feature you would mark him out for now.

The 21st of September is particularly a favourable time of the year over the equator for it is at about this time that the sun is directly overhead on its way to heralding the onset of summer in southern climes.

The fortunes of this baby gorilla have been positive so far, with his playful and carefree ways marking his attitude towards life.

It seems favour has smiled on him again, with you choosing him as a friend. 

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Friend a Gorilla.

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