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Name:                          Posho

Meaning of name:         Posho is the name of a popular staple in Uganda.

Age:                             11 years

Who’s yo daddy?           Safari 

Who’s yo mama?           Wageni (The late)

Posho (also called Ugali or Sima) is a popular staple in East Africa made with corn flour (maize meal) and water. In celebration of the versatility of this food, the habituating trackers named the first baby gorilla born to the group since their interacting with it, Posho - after this perennial meal. It seems that habituating gorillas does have its inspired and ingenious moments.

Posho had an accident as a juvenile. He survived a nasty tumble from a tree and as a result broke his arm which has been lame ever since.

Despite that, he is very friendly. It could be because he has grown up with the constant presence of the trackers and therefore harbours no suspicions towards two-legged primates; or it could simply be because he has a naturally friendly disposition. Quite likely the latter, as he is very popular with the juveniles and infants. However this should not be a surprise because at 9 years, he’s hardly past childhood himself and would still be drawn to any opportunity for fun and games.

However, he seems to be adapting to the more sober responsibilities that come with age. As a blackback his duty is to provide secondary security for the family along with the other blackbacks. To this end he has formed a special friendship with Kirungi, the lead blackback, whom he shadows and imitates to the best of his ability.

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