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Mama X-Mas


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Name:                          Mama X-mas

Meaning of name:         Go on, take a guess

Age:                             Estimated to be about 21 years

Who’s yo daddy?           Nkuringo

Who’s yo mama?           Mother unknown

Originally she was called Rurambwe after a similarly named hill in the family’s homing range. She was nick-named Mama X-mas when she gave birth on 25th December, 2008. The baby was called X-mas, and she, was nicknamed Mama X-mas. The name caught on and her first name is now disused.

Mama X-mas can be distinguished from the other adult females in the group by her size. She’s the biggest of the lot and it is also highly likely that she is the oldest of the adult females in the family.

On December 26th 2004, Mama X-mas gave birth to twins. (Note the date; uncanny isn’t it?). Unfortunately, one of the twins died shortly after birth. Maybe it was this that elevated her to favoured female status in the silverback Safari’s attentions – a position she has had to concede since the birth of Kwitonda’s twins. However, seeing that she and Kwitonda get along very well, we can conclude that petty female jealousies are foreign to gorilla-kind.

With the surviving twin (as yet un-named and simply dubbed Baby Mama X-mas) now an independent juvenile, it is highly likely that Mama X-mas will soon give birth. The question is; will it be another Yuletide blessing?

Keep tabs on this gorilla friend and find out how this unfolds.

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