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Name:                          Magara

Meaning of name:         ’Magara’ is derived from the Rukiga word ‘amagara’ which means lively.

Age:                             6 years

Date of Birth:                10th May, 2003

Sex:                              Female

Who’s yo daddy?            Safari

Who’s yo mama?            Samehe

You’ve heard of the term bouncing baby (usually boy). Well, if there’s such a phenomenon as a bouncing baby gorilla, Magara would be it. Whereas most babies – human and gorilla – are slow on the uptake and may take a few months (for the humans) and weeks (for gorillas) to adjust to their new surroundings, Magara was an exception. She took to life like a duckling takes to water.

Her joie de vivre has not faded, and is still evident in her playful and curious attitude to life. If there’s a tumble, a frolic or a wrestling match taking place, she’s sure to be part of it in one way or another; either in the thick of it or cheering  the other juveniles and infants in the contest at hand.

However, she does take time off from her busy world of play and exploration to help mother Samehe with the new baby brother (or is it baby-sister?). 

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