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Name:                          Kwetonda

Meaning of name:         ’Kwetonda means ‘meek’ in Rukiga

Age:                             Estimated at about 17 years

Who’s yo daddy?            Nkuringo

Who’s yo mama?           Mother unknown

It is said that the meek shall inherit the earth. How true of this mild mama, mother of not only the twins (born on 1st November, 2008), but also, the juvenile Kwesima. While she may not be inheriting the earth she has certainly gained much favour in Safari’s eyes.

Let’s put it this way: before the twins came forth, Safari’s attentions were divided between two favourite adult females – Kwetonda and Mama X-mas. However, after the birth of the twins, he showers her with more attention than the other females.

One would think it only fair that he give as much, if not more, attention to Mama X-mas after the grief she’s undergone, but a silverback’s ways are known only to him.

But let’s not be too hard on Safari for it’s the rare male that would not be enamoured by Kwetonda’s ways. Not only is she submissive, she is also a model mum, who has the love and devotion of her juvenile daughter. She is such a good mum that even the trackers have noted this and what’s more, she gets along very well with the other adult female gorillas.

Not a bad investment to make by way of gorilla friendship. Not a bad choice at all. Good for you for having her as a pal.

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