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Name:                          Kasotora

Meaning of name:         ’Kasotora’ is a hill in BwindiImpenetrableForest.

Age:                             Estimated at about 19 years

Who’s yo daddy?            Nkuringo

Who’s yo mama?           Mother unknown

She was named Kasotora because the hill was a major landmark for the silverback Safari in the family’s to-ing and fro-ing in an attempt to shake off the habituating trackers. Whatever his destination, the Kasotora hill was sure to lie in its path.

Kasotora is the feistiest of the family’s females.

For starters, she never took kindly to the family being shadowed by the habituating trackers. She would bark at the men and join Safari in charging them. Even after the rest of the gorillas had taken to the trackers’ presence, she would display aggressiveness toward them by muttering ominous mumbles to keep them at bay.

Even to date she is known to cast dark looks at them, as she inches closer to Safari for protection for her and her baby.

However, with visitors, she’s the model of a good, habituated gorilla, and does not display any signs of displeasure at their presence. She will calmly munch her breakfast, or groom her baby, (Baby Kasotora) without a fuss.

So, now that she’s your friend, feel free to call on her. Her address is BwindiImpenetrableForestNational Park, Kisoro, Uganda. She’ll be waiting. 

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Friend a Gorilla.

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