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Name:                          Fulaha means ‘happy’

Meaning of name:         Fulaha means ‘happy’ in Kiswahili

Born:                            2008

Sex:                             As yet unknown

Who’s yo daddy?            Safari

Who’s yo mama?           Samehe

Sibling;                         The juvenile Magara.

Just like big sis, Magara, Fulaha is a lively little infant. She is also very happy and when at play she squeals with joy and laughter; a definite little ray of sunshine in BwindiImpenetrableForest.

At the moment, she can’t wander too far away from her mother, like her big sis does, but that’s not a problem because there are a number of other infants in the family for her to play with. Her best playmates are currently Katungi and Muhozi, who happen to be twins and also Tabu. They are all about the same age and every afternoon during the family’s resting time, their mothers usually rest near each other to allow the little ones to play together. It’s usually such fun, and except for when the infant Tabu gets a little rough, she enjoys play time thoroughly. No wonder Fulaha is a happy little gorilla.

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Friend a Gorilla.

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