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Name:                          Bahati

Meaning of name:         ’Bahati’ means ‘luck’ in Kiswahili

Age:                             About 12 years

Who’s yo daddy?            Nkuringo

Who’s yo mama?           Mother unknown

When the trackers named him luck, it was in celebration on the successful habituation of the Nkuringo group. Well, Bahati will need a great deal of good luck in the not-too-distant future. Things don’t look too bright for this mammal. 

Bahati is on the verge of developing the tell-tale spray of silver on his back. Safari is well aware that this does not portend good and it must be with dismal forebodings that the silverback has his eye peeled on Bahati’s back. Whereas Rafiki is an outsider and as such, has no claim to leadership within the family, Bahati is a different kettle-of-fish. He’s a serious contender on account of his lineage.

But judging from Bahati’s retiring and calm character, it’s likely that he will be banished from his family and seems destined to live as a solitary male, or join up with another gorilla family that will have him tag along like Rafiki did.

What’s surprising is that Bahati is still part of the family and has not yet been evicted by big-brother, Safari. Currently he is treated like the black sheep of the family. He is not even allowed to play with the small fry of the family and woe to him if Safari catches him as much as throwing a glance askance at any of the females. Down comes the iron fist on the blackback’s black back.

Really, that’s no way to treat a blackback and your friendship is, no doubt, highly valued.

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