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Name:                          Rugyendo

Meaning of name:         Rugyendo is Rukiga for journey

Age:                            Estimated to be over 20 years of age

Who’s yo daddy?           Most likely Mukurusi

Who’s yo mama?           Mother unknown

“Sigh! How I miss the good old days when Rwansigazi would take us on holiday deep into the forest.”

Not to put words in a female gorilla’s mouth but it is highly likely that these are the sentiments that occupy this female gorilla’s more pensive moments. Her name is derived from the fact that, back in the days of the long, forced marches instigated by Rwansigazi, Rugyendo was the only one of the gorillas who seemed to enjoy them.

During the rests in the journey, greatly welcome to the trackers and undoubtedly the gorillas too, Rugyendo would often be the first to get up and bark orders at the other gorillas to get up and get moving. Her zeal to be on the move was even greater than the silverback’s.

It came as no surprise to the trackers that when the family split up between Mwirima and Rwansigazi, she chose to move on with the latter. With hind-sight that was not a very good decision, for currently it is Mwirima’s family who get to enjoy holidays deep into the heart of the forest.

To this Rugyendo would respond: “If only I knew then what I know now.”

Rugyendo is the proud mother of  an as-yet-unnamed juvenile.

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