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Name:                          Mizano

Meaning of name:         His name means playful in Rukiga.

Age:                             He is 10years old. Born in 1999

Who’s yo daddy?            Either Rwansigazi or Mwirima

Who’s yo mama?            Uncertain

Mizano is a playful and happy young blackback. He has a very positive attitude towards life and basically his cup of joy runneth over.

Apart from family feuds (which he finds so tedious), the only thing that dampens his sunny disposition is the rain. When it rains it means he can’t play. Once it stops raining: Yippee!! He claps his hands and gets on with the business at hand. Which is, rounding up any willing, or unwilling juveniles to play with him.

If the juveniles don’t give in to his attentions, he can always count on Maraya to oblige him in a mock wrestling match – just as long as there are no females around to distract big bro’s fickle attention.

For now, family politics and females are so: ‘Yaaaawn!’ BORING! 

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