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Name:                          Makara

Meaning of name:         Rukiga name for charcoal. He has pitch black fur except for the spray of silver along his back.

Age:                            Estimated to be about sixteen years.

Who’s yo daddy?           Mukurusi (But also quite likely that it could be Mwirima)

Who’s yo mama?           Mother unknown

If you like the bold, young, restless and scheming, brand of gorilla, Makara is your man (um…make that gorilla). At the point when the Habinyanja family separated in 2004 he was a mere blackback. Mature enough to make an independent decision as to which of the two silverbacks he favoured. He chose Rwansigazi.

For the past five years, as he budded into a silverback, he served faithfully in his expected duties of providing side-line security to the family and to Rwansigazi. But it may be that Makara has been harbouring a secret plan to take over as the gorillas gorilla. Rwansigazi should have seen it coming in the eager way in which Makara teamed up with him to hound out one of their half-brother’s, the silverback Binyindo.

As far as silverbacks go, Makara is not physically very big. Even when we consider that this could be because he is yet a young silverback, his size is not one to strike fear into the heart of other silverbacks. But, as they say, it’s not the dog in the fight, but rather the fight in the dog. When the smaller, dark gorilla decided to challenge his big brother (both in size and age) to the leadership of the family, early in 2009, Rwansigazi didn’t stand a chance. 

This coup in the family came as a great surprise to the UWA trackers as Makara was known to be very friendly as a blackback. However all this seems to have changed when he matured into a silverback because he takes his protective role to heart. He is extremely caring of the females and the gorilla young in the group. This care and protection is to a point where he doesn’t even take time for play with the young ones.

But he does indeed have reason to take a serious view to life as there are two full-grown silverbacks in the impenetrable forest that have a vendetta against him.

If there was voting in the gorilla political landscape , you’d vote for your gorilla friend Makara to lead this family, wouldn’t you?

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