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Name:                          Kisho

Meaning of name:         ‘Erisho’ is the name for eye in Rukiga and as one of Kisho’s eyes is shut tight and it has a problem, it was easy for the trackers to identify her in that way.

Age:                             Unknown but definitely one of the older females of the group.

Status:                          Adult female

Who’s yo daddy?            Most probably Mukurusi can’t be too sure.

Who’s yo mama?            Mother unknown         

Apart from the shut eye, you can easily pick out Kisho as the one most likely to pretend to charge. She’s a peppery female this one. But that only extends to her family members. Towards visitors, she’s the epitome of feminine graciousness. When you come to visit her at Bwindi, you’ll be so glad you did. Why, she may even fix her good eye at you and grace you with a gentle gorilla smile. She’s not too keen on trackers though. Even now, ten years after habituation, she still makes mock charges towards them.

I’m sure you know a female or two like Kisho in your circles.

She’s also thickly immersed in the quagmire of the unfolding family politics, with the watch word - self interest – as her guiding principle.

On Valentine Day 2002 she chose Rwansigazi over Mwirima to be her lord and protector. By then the choice did not come as a surprise to man and gorilla alike, for it was obvious that she and Rwansigazi shared a special bond. She was clearly the dominant silverback’s favourite girl.

Alas! It seems his love was not strong enough to win her undying loyalty, for when he was thrown out of the family fold, Kisho did not follow him. But really, what’s a girl to do? It’s a jungle out there and love is no guarantee for protection.  What’s more, the old girl has a baby to care for.

Excuse me, girlfriend. Baby Kisho is no excuse for abandoning your man. While other three year olds are torn between loyalty to mama and the freedom of hanging out with the other juveniles, Kisho’s baby is in no danger of being tied to his mother’s apron strings and is never seen hanging out with her anymore.

But have a heart for Kisho, after all, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. 

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