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Name:                          Binyindo

Meaning of name:         Rukiga word for ‘a-big-nose’

Age:                             Estimated to be about fifteen years of age

Who’s yo daddy?           It could be Mukurusi (Also very likely that it could be Rwansigazi).

Who’s yo mama?           Mother unknown

When the family divided up between the two leading silverbacks, Binyindo was a blackback and as such, he was not considered to be a threat in any way to Rwansigazi. What’s more, with Rwansigazi favouring the exploration of a wide homing range and thus given to leading the family off on long journeys, all male hands were required to provide much-needed security to the family from the dangers that the expeditions exposed them to.

With time the situation changed and two developments evolved which were key to making the gentle Binyindo fall out of grace and favour with chief Rwansigazi. The first was that Rwansigazi’s thirst for adventure and discovery was quenched. After a couple or so years of extensively roaming the forest, he settled down to a smaller homing range.

The other was that not only did Binyindo mature into a silverback, developing the spray of silver on his back, but he also proved to be an absolutely massive gorilla, quickly matching and somewhat outstripping Rwansigazi in size. This was an obvious threat to Rwansigazi’s dominance; not only Rwansigazi, but Makara too. As Makara and Binyindo are about the same age, they had matured into silverbacks at roughly the same time. But Makara lacked the advantage of the size of the other two sivlverbacks. Makara could easily tell that he would be no match for the young, huge silverback if contention for future dominance boiled to a show-down between the two.

United in their jealousy of Binyindo and the fear of his future dominance, it was only natural for Rwansigazi and Makara to team up and cast him away from the family group.

Binyindo is now a solitary male who roams the forest, with few chances of having a family of his own. His non-aggressive nature makes it unlikely for him to challenge another silverback for females. He could pursue the option of teaming up with his not-so-distant relatives and submit himself to Mwirima’s leadership. But he may not be welcome there either.

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