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Name:                          Bagenyi

Meaning of name:         In Rukiga this is the word for ‘visitors’

Age:                             2 years old (Born in 2007)

Who’s yo daddy?           Rwansigazi

Who’s yo mama?          Nyamuhango

Between his mother and father Bagenyi is sure to grow into a very big gorilla. So far it has not yet been established whether this infant is a boy or a girl. What has been established is his particular curiosity towards visitors. He (let’s refer to Bagenyi as ‘he’ for now, after all, ‘it’ is not exactly how you would like your friends to refer to you) loves to play with visitors.

As physical contact between the gorillas and humans is discouraged, visitors often find it a challenge to back away from the curious baby. And with him being an infant, his protective mother Nyamuhango isn’t too keen to have him hob-nobbing with strangers. Unlike most infants whose curiosity is just that, Bagenyi usually approaches visitors with the intention of playing. He’s never successful, but that doesn’t stop him.

When will you come to visit your playful, little friend?

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Friend a Gorilla.

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