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Name:                          Rukumu

Meaning of name:         Rukumu has an immobile finger on his left hand and that is the origin of his Rukiga name.

Age:                            He’s estimated to be about 40 years.

Who’s yo daddy?           Father unknown

Who’s yo mama?          Mother unknown

It is likely that this is the eldest gorilla in the family. He is very old; in fact, he is a classic study in geriatric gorillas as all but one of his physical characteristics are typical of an aged male silverback.

He has lost all hair on his eye-brow ridge. His silver hair now covers his whole back, and shoulders and very soon it will cover his thighs. His face is wrinkled and rough, and with time his as yet colossal frame will shrink and he will undoubtedly become smaller.

Time and habituation have changed the aged gorilla. In his younger days he had a reputation among the habituating trackers of charging and displaying very threatening behaviour. All this has changed now and as long as one doesn’t disturb or threaten him, he will accord you the same respect. One can say he’s as tame as a hornet’s nest.

As a subordinate silverback he can be relied on to provide front-line protection for the family, should the need arise. However, he does not enjoy father-figure status and has not been often observed to play with the younger ones of the family. 

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