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Name:                          Ruhara

Meaning of name:         Ruhara means ‘bald’ in Rukiga

Age:                             Estimated to be well over 30 years

Who’s yo daddy?           Father unknown

Who’s yo mama?           Mother unknown

This balding female gorilla is without doubt the most highly ranked female in the group. As such she defers to no gorilla that does not have a spray of silver upon its back. And even for a young silverback such as Rukara she does so reluctantly.

This is how ranking works in gorilla land. Let’s say Ndahura – the lead silverback is walking along a narrow forest path and happens to find Ruhara using the path, thereby blocking it, he’ll simply pose majestically on all fours and wait for her to move and give him right of way. This she will do without hesitation.

Replaying the above scenario with blackback Mugisha , will see Mugisha having to wait until she has finished her business on the path before she moves on…if at all. Mugisha would be well advised to make a detour.

Despite being much older than Ndahura, she has taken submitted herself to his leadership without a fuss and is often to be found close to him. It is most likely that he is the father of her baby Mubwindi.

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