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Name:                          Obia

Meaning of name:        Obia is an Ateso* word for ‘come-here’.

Age:                            9 years

Who’s yo daddy?          Father unknown

Who’s yo mama?          Mother unknown

Only just recently graduated to being a blackback Obia is still a playful fellow. He is also very friendly and amazingly curious.

He got his name from the fact that he is very welcoming. Back in the days of habituation when he was a juvenile, he would stealthily approach the habituating trackers to study them from closer. This would obviously cause pandemonium among the family group once Ndahura (the dominant silverback) saw the little gorilla so close to the humans and he would inevitably run amok and charge the trackers.

With time Ndahura came to realise that the humans showed no signs of injuring the little fellow and his aggression lessened to the point where the trackers could safely say the group has been fully habituated.

Currently he has no special interest in the female folk of the jungle save as playmates.

*The Teso are a tribe in eastern Uganda

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Friend a Gorilla.

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