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Name:                          Ndahura

Meaning of name:         In Rukiga the name Ndahura is conferred upon one who is stubborn, provocative and bellicose.

Age:                            He’s estimated to be about 25 years of age.

Who’s yo daddy?           Father unknown

Who’s yo mama?          Mother unknown

Ndahura may be the dominant silverback but he is certainly not the eldest of the silverbacks in the group. So, how did this young’un get to be the top honcho?

Quite likely it was through inheritance. It has been noted generally among gorilla families that the eldest, strongest or boldest of the dominant silverback gorillas take over the family’s once he dies. Other silverbacks that had submitted themselves to the authority of the dominant silverback usually accept the new leader especially if he’s younger, stronger and shows a readiness to fight for the right to assert his inheritance. It is likely that this is what transpired in the Bitukura family and with Ndaura having a reputation as a cantankerous beast; it’s quite unlikely that the other two older silverbacks cared to challenge his inheritance.

Not yet at the prime of his gorilla years, Ndahura is already an absolutely massive silverback, and yet has some more growing to do before he calls it quits on that front. For all his size he is as easy going as a silverback can be, displaying admirable tenderness to all the young ones and their mothers, and treating his elderly subjects – Rukumu and Karamuzi - with respect due to his elders (read – he allows them to mate with the adult females).  He also treats all the females equally but as Betina is the one with the youngest infant in the family currently, she is basking in special favour from him.

He has only one thorn in the flesh as far as his family is concerned and that is the young silverback Rukara who he considers a threat to the Bitukura throne. He can’t stand the sight of the ‘boy’ and treats him with contempt and makes it very clear that Rukara is not welcome in the family.

Saint he may not be but come to think of it, how many of your human friends are? So don’t abandon him now that you know how he treats Rukara.

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