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Name:                          Karamuzi

Meaning of name:        ‘Karamuzi’ means peace-maker in Rukiga.

Age:                            Approximately 40 years

Who’s yo daddy?           Father unknown

Who’s yo mama?          Mother unknown

This elderly gorilla earned his name and reputation way back in the days when the family was being habituated for tourism. It’s true that gorillas, like humans have inherent character traits. Some tend naturally to a more peaceful disposition, while others are fiery and feisty. Karmuzi’s calm disposition speeded up the habituation process considerably.

While Ndahura, the dominant silverback, would be quick to display his strength and massive build and charge at the drop of a hat when the habituating trackers would make their presence known to the family; Karamuzi, wasn’t as quick to re-act, he took on a watching and waiting approach before deciding his course of action. Any military commander will tell you that, when leading the charge to attack your enemy, it’s comforting to have your troops, hot on your heels, mimicking your fierce, blood-thirsty war cry, faces contorted fearsomely to strike fear in the enemy’s heart. It does take the wind out of a commanders sails to realise, as you’re half-way to a decisive clash, that a third of your forces are watching the battle from camp.

For this, the trackers dubbed the calm silverback – Omuruzi (which means peacemaker) as his antics – or rather, lack of them – made Ndahura and his family more approachable and eventually made friends with them. This in turn paved the way for your new found friendship with Karamuzi. 

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