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Name:                          Nshongi

Meaning of name:         As the dominant silverback, it was natural for the habituating trackers to confer the family name upon him.

Age:                             The trackers estimate him to be about 30years.

Who’s yo daddy?           Father unknowm

Who’s yo mama?           Mother unknown

When you come a-calling, he’ll be the one with a wart on his nose and on closer inspection you’ll note that his left ear is folded and his left nostril is smaller than the right one.

Nshongi is a loving father and can often be seen playing with the infants and juveniles. To be more precise, the infants and juveniles often make him an object of play. Nshongi makes it a point to keep close to the adult females that have infants with his favourite females being Nyampundu, Bwiruka, Shidah and Munini.

Nshongi is a typically large silverback and during the afternoon resting period, it’s easy to spot his hulk rising above those of the other gorillas milling around him. He’s also very protective over the family and habituating trackers recall how quick he was to charge at them when they begun tracking the group. It could be his size and aggressiveness that won him the rights of dominant silverback as he is younger than the next silverback in this family’s hierarchy, Mishaya.

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