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Name:                          Kakono

Meaning of name:         In Rukiga ‘kakono’ means ‘arm’. This silverback has a lame arm.

Age:                             Estimated to be about 30 years.

Who’s yo daddy?           Father unknown

Who’s yo mama?           Mother unknown

In addition to his arm being lame and hanging limply on his side, he has only three fingers on the right hand and these stick out rigidly. It is likely that he suffered an accident that brought this defect upon him.

Despite this handicap, Kakono has proven himself to be a typical silverback, fulfilling his protective role with zeal. Before a charge, silverbacks thump their chests to intimidate the foe. Kakono is no exception and trackers noted that during habituation he would thump his chest threateningly with his left hand and while Nshongi would charge the enemies, Kakono would lead the females and young ones to safety

Unlike the other two silverbacks, he does not favour any female or females but mates with whichever takes up his fancy at his moment of need.

It’s clear that he habours no intentions of family leadership and therefore he does not regard the blackbacks as a threat. In return the blackbacks prefer his company to that of his brother Nshongi and can often be seen hanging out with the old gorilla.

He wastes no time playing with the infants and juveniles and in return the small fry of the gorilla family hardly pay him attention.

This gruff old boy is glad to have you as a friend.

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