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Name:                          Fortunate

Meaning of name:         It speaks for itself.

Age:                             Below 12 months

Who’s yo daddy?           Nshongi,

Who’s yo mama?           Bakunzi

The lines have fallen unto this infant in pleasant places. To begin with his mother (if he’s a boy) is a very high-ranking female of the family. This means that as he grows he will find that her name goes before him and smoothens out any rough places that children of lesser females encounter.

Fortunate is also lucky to be born to the largest ever habituated mountain gorilla family in the world. With such a big family, he’ll never lack for companions and playmates.

Above all, Fortunate is privileged to have been born into such a peaceful gorilla family. Not that he knows it yet (and may never even get wind of it) but it is rare for a family to live peaceably when there is more than one silverback in the family. The lesser silverbacks are known to stir up trouble and even split up the family.

This gorilla was named Fortunate by the UWA trackers as he was born soon after the infant Ninsiima and it was clear that the Nshongi family was fortunate to have another infant added to its numbers.

However, he is as yet too young to appreciate all his luck and it is for you, his friend, to marvel at whether his life’s fortunes will be true to his name.

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