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Name:                          Bwire

Meaning of name:         Bwire means dark in Rukiga

Age:                             Estimated to be about eleven years.

Who’s yo daddy?           Father unknown but could be Mishaya

Who’s yo mama?           Mother unknown

While it is true that mountain gorillas are black hairy apes, this one is so black as to deserve the name ‘dark’. In dense foliage you cannot pick him out. For an eleven-year-old blackback he is very big and trackers who are given to prophetic tendencies predict that he will be a Goliath of a gorilla as the peak of his silverback years.

Bwire is a regular young bachelor who loves to hang out with the boys. In the afternoon rest sessions he’s often to be found in the company of the other blackbacks doing whatever it is that bachelor blackbacks in dense impenetrable forests do to keep themselves busy.

Bwire is also a favourite among the trackers for he has a quiet disposition and is not quick to charge. What’s more, his inquisitive, curious nature often draws him to study the trackers and visitors at a close range, making him the kind of friend any one would like to have.

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Friend a Gorilla.

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