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Name:                          Bweza

Meaning of name:         Rukiga name meaning ‘The-first-harvest-of-the-season’s-millet-crop’. He was named after a now retired forest ranger, bearing the same name. This was to honour                                        the old man who had been very keen on matters pertaining to the conservation of Bwindi forest.

Age:                            By a smattering of silver that has recently been spotted on his back, he’s estimated to be about 13 years of age. By 2010 he will be a full silverback.

Who’s yo daddy?           Suspicion is strong that he could be Mishaya’s son. But then again, he has a tell-tale wart on his nose that could make him Nshongi’s son.

Who’s yo mama?           Unknown

Bweza is an easy going male who likes to keep the peace with all the other family members. He has been noted to have secret trysts with the adult female Bwiruka and as she is one of Nshongi’s favourite girls, we hope that the affair can be carried on discreetly or else Bweza may soon find himself roaming the impenetrable forest as a solitary silverback.

You can follow the intrigues of this budding love affair by keeping tabs on this soon-to-be-silverback gorilla.

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Friend a Gorilla.

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