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Name:                          Busasi

Meaning of name:         Busasi means problem in Rukiga

Age:                             Estimated to be about 10 years

Who’s yo daddy?            Could be Mishaya

Who’s yo mama?            Unknown

Should you imagine he’s called Busasi because he’s got a problem, perish the thought. This gorilla is the problem. And he has the evidence to prove it; his back is scarred. Mountain gorillas are hairy creatures especially as they live in cold temperatures. Therefore when a hairy back is scarred to the point that it is easy to notice, it tells the tales of many fights. And he, only at ten years…his fighting ways must have begun at a tender age.

It has been noted that of the silverbacks, he deeply respects Nshongi, most probably because he can identify with the aggressive streak of the older gorilla. It’s almost a forgone conclusion that Nshongi is his hero because this bellicose beast displays a tender streak towards the infants and juveniles – just like Nshongi.

Towards visitors, he is nonchalant.

With Busasi’s belligerent tendencies, he is most likely to be the blackback that causes a break in the cosy family group. But, on the other hand, he greatly admires the leader Nshongi. Will this admiration hold? Or will there come a time, in the near future when Busasi becomes a silverback, that he will challenge Nshongi’s leadership?

Make friends with Busasi and monitor how this family saga unfolds.

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Friend a Gorilla.

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