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Name:                          Bunwa

Meaning of name:         Bunwa means mouth in Rukiga

Age:                             About 10 years

Who’s yo daddy?           Father unknown, most probably Mishaya or Nshongi

Who’s yo mama?           Mother unknown

Another member of the bachelor boys club, Bunwa has a small mouth – hence his name – and is physically smaller than the other blackbacks in the group. This could be because he’s but a young blackback. Will he grow to be a big silverback? Only time will tell. Bunwa can further be distinguished by the many wrinkles below his eyes and a protrusion on the ridge of his nose.

Like all other gorillas he spends most of his time eating. This eating business is very serious among mountain gorillas. On average, a gorilla consumes about 25 kilograms of fruits and vegetables with a few grubs, and ants thrown in for good measure, daily. But in the afternoon resting sessions Bunwa divides his time between the serious business of  blackback’s – being on the look-out for danger and invasion - and the not-so-serious-pleasures of playing with the juveniles and sub-adults.

He’s obviously enjoying the best of both worlds and he would like to spread his circle of acquaintances by having you as a friend. 

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Friend a Gorilla.

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